Brand Guidelines
App UX, UI and Prototype Design

Maslow is a fin-tech startup with the main purpose of "reinventing how we interact with money".

Loosely adopting Maslow's 'Hierarchy of Needs' to reshape the users personal relationship with money, Maslow aim to create a community-based, gamified financial services app in which the users are grouped into 'neighbourhoods', based on their financial needs.

Because of the gamification aspect of the product, the branding style needed to be fun above else. I designed a highly rounded, friendly logo, super vibrant and versatile colour palette, with light-hearted icons and matching illustrations.

I then worked closely with the client to create a seamless eKYC and sign up process, minimising the number of data points captured while making the process itself simple and engaging.

To advertise the final product's capabilities, I developed a prototype UX and UI for the app — a super high-fidelity V1 using, that can download to iPhone and engage users like a real functioning app. The client used this as a fundraising tool, presenting it to potential investors to secure capital for launch.